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Nebraska Ambassadors Forum

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2021 UNO Review

Burlington Capital International, University of Nebraska at Omaha’s International Programs, and University of Nebraska Lincoln welcomed three former U.S. Ambassadors to the UNO campus on October 25th and the UNL campus on October 26th for the 10th annual Nebraska Ambassadors Forum. Together with the American Academy of Diplomacy, the Forum brought……


Africa is the only world region that will undergo a dramatic population increase by mid-century – with a doubling by 2050. This “Youth Tsunami” will represent either a significant force for economic growth and improved living conditions in Africa, or increased global terrorism, instability, and migration flows. In either case……..

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2021 Nebraska Ambassadors Forum Overview

On October 25 and 26,  three former United States Ambassadors were welcoming to Lincoln and Omaha for the Fall 2021 Nebraska Ambassadors Forum.  The three Ambassadors were Wanda L. Nesbitt, W. Stuart Symington IV, and Tibor P. Nagy Jr. Each forum was moderated by Sher Jan Ahmadzi, Director of UNO’s Center for Afghanistan Studies…..

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Nebraska Ambassadors Forum