Meet the Presenting Ambassadors

W. Stuart Symington IV
Wanda L. Nesbitt
Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.

Stuart Symington

Ambassador Symington

Ambassador    Nesbitt

Ambassador        Nagy

Discussion  Topics

Ambassador Wanda Nesbitt will speak on the topic of Economics and the Chinese Paradox:

Thanks to technology, Africa’s youth have the same expectations as young people on other continents. Their opportunity for jobs will be one of the key factors for whether African states move more toward improved livelihoods or toward a darker future. Development assistance has been unable to lead to development. Meanwhile, Africa’s investment climate remains problematic. How might one sort out the challenges of assistance, grants vs. loans, tough reform conditions and humanitarian aid? Where does China fit in the mix with its controversial investments and loans?


Ambassador Tibor Nagy will speak on the topic of Environment and Climate:

Environmental challenges are rising throughout the continent, impacting agriculture and seacoasts, as well as triggering conflicts. Many necessary policy responses lie outside African nations. But is Africa only a victim, or are there policies African states themselves could use to meet the challenge?


Ambassador Stuart Symington will speak on the topic of Conflicts and Stability:

Improving the economic environment and governance is impossible without peace and security. Yet it is often lack of opportunities and poor governance which nurture conflicts. While Africa’s overall stability has improved over the last several decades, a number of problematic conflicts remain unresolved and extremist violence is rapidly increasing in several regions.